Vehicle Overview

After a long flight, the only thing people want is to get as fast as possible to the hotel and finally get a rest. The hardest part of getting out of an airport to the hotel is finding a decent taxi service, that will not overcharge, get lost or worst get late on the important business meeting. But all these obstacles can be overcome with Taxi Tbilisi.

Taxi Tbilisi- Online Pre- Booking Service.

Taxi Tbilisi is an online pre-booking service. Our company offers decent prices, competent, knowledgable drivers and most importantly safe ride. Taxi Tbilisi owns an impressive fleet of cabs. One of the cars, that you can find on our website is Blackbane Cab Sedan. This type of car can carry up to 3 passengers and luggage that contains three bags.

Blacklane Cab Sedan.

Blackbane Cab Sedan is a luxury option for your business or leisure ride. It has a very classic and chic look, so pre-booking such type of car for an important business meeting is your go to. As mentioned already, Taxi Tbilisi offers comfortable prices for our clients. You can pre-book Blackbane Cab Sedan for your airport transfers or business meeting starting with 30 Gel.

Plan your trips carefully and chose safety and comfort with Taxi Tbilisi.