Shuttle Taxi Service

Taxi Tbilisi also offers a taxi shuttle service for airline crews and companies that require a shuttle to make regular short or long-term transfers between Tbilisi International Airport and the hotel or headquarters of the company.

Traveling is a perfect way to relax after a difficult year. But sometimes, it can be stressful; furthermore, you won’t enjoy it. When you are planning a trip, it’s important to consider all factors. Booking a hotel, or picking up a taxi. In order to fully enjoy your trip, you need to book the most comfortable transfer service and all you need it’s a Taxi-Tbilisi service.

What Is Taxi-Tbilisi?

It’s an online booking system, which offers you an enjoyable service. We are punctual, and our vehicles are always clean and safe. We have a big choice of vehicles including classic or corporate and shuttle taxi.

What Is A Shuttle Taxi?

Shuttle cars are usually for short or medium distance journeys.  Shuttle taxi is specialized in transfers from the airport within Tbilisi. Its services are helpful when you are organizing a trip with a large group. Our cars can pick up 6 passages and luggage that contain more than 6 bags. Shuttle taxi service will be useful if you are planning several trips during your journey.

Our service offers clients a professional service. Our cabs are available 24\7. Moreover, the driver will have a sign with your names on it as you leave the arrival area, so we don’t have to search around and call. During the trip, our drivers are not just chauffeurs but they are your guides. They will tell you about the main signs in Tbilisi, which must you, see. In addition, if you don’t know where can you stay, or having a snack, you can ask them; they will share with you a piece of information about locations in Tbilisi.

Hiring our service can reduce many risk factors, such as getting lost or missing your meeting.