Taxis and Business class Cabs in Tbilisi

Taxi Tbilisi offers not only a Classic Taxi Service but a more prestige option – a Corporate Taxi Service business class cars, for your special events and business occasions.

Classic taxi cars are white and furnished with necessary taxi equipment. The taxi in Tbilisi is used for fast, daily movements in different parts of the city. Most of these cabs are Toyota Prius type hybrid cars, though there are other types.

We also have dark colored cars without taxi equipment for a corporate business class service. This is a higher class service and is used more for business meetings, hotels, as well as organizations, use such type of cars frequently for guest transfers to the airport.

If you want to get to your meeting not only in time but in style too you should definitely book Taxi Tbilisi’s Business Class Cab. Taxi Tbilisi offers an incredible level of service and at a comfortable price. In addition, both types of service prices are confirmed upfront. It is very practical, during the reservation process the system will show you the car and transportation prices. Moreover, you can choose the number of passengers, according to your will or need.

Not only do we offer a fixed price per each booking but also a comfortable and more important safe ride.  We have a range of cars to ensure all requirements are met, from 4 seated taxis up to 8 seated minibuses. All our vehicles comply with the regulation of passenger transport, are regularly serviced and checks conducted to guarantee the optimum safety of the client. We also choose our drivers carefully noting their driving quality and attitude towards clients. Unquestionably, our selected drivers will make sure you’ll receive top treatment in your traveling.

Contact us and we will get you to your destination and make your booking process easy and fast. Interesting fact, we are working 24/ 7, so no worries whether you’re late at the ball, or leaving for an early airport transfer, nevertheless, we will give you a ride quickly.

No matter the occasion, we’ll definitely give you a comfortable drive and stress-free transportation for your event of choice.

Classic Taxi Service & Corporate Taxi Service

From 60₾

Taxi – City standard

Payment in ₾ or equivalent €/$

  • 3 Passengers
  • 3 Bags
  • Toyota Prius or similar
From 100₾

Taxi – Transfer Van

Payment in ₾ or equivalent €/$

  • 7 Passengers
  • 7 Bags
  • Mercedes Vito or similar
From 170₾

Blacklane Cab Sedan

Payment in ₾ or equivalent €/$

  • 3 Passengers
  • 3 Bags
  • Mercedes Class E or similar
From 200₾

Private Transfer Minibus XL

Payment in ₾ or equivalent €/$

  • 12 Passengers
  • 12 Bags
  • Mercedes Sprinter or similar
From 280₾

Private Transfer Minibus XXL

Payment in ₾ or equivalent €/$

  • 18 Passengers
  • 18 Bags
  • Mercedes Sprinter or similar
From 90₾

Taxi – Family travel

Payment in ₾ or equivalent €/$

  • 4 Passengers
  • 4 Bags
  • Toyota Sienna or similar