Taxi Tbilisi – Toyota Prius

Taxi Tbilisi owns an impressive fleet of hybrid cars, one of which is a Toyota Prius type car. Toyota Prius is a very well- known car in the world of hybrid vehicles. Experts call it one of the most reliable types of cars. Moreover, it requires less service than a gas-powered car. The biggest wear factors like the transmission and the mechanical moving parts are less of a problem for Toyota Prius.

Toyota Prius- compact an economical, just the right type of a car for your trip.

Toyota Prius is the most common taxi car in Tbilisi. Compact and economical, Toyota Prius is mainly used to move around the city, in different districts of Tbilisi, in the narrow streets of the old city. Taxi Tbilisi’s Toyota Prius hybrid car can carry 4 passengers and 3 usual sized bags. It is very practical. Therefore, Toyota Prius is often used for airport transfers too if the number of passengers and luggage does not exceed the given maximum. For longer distance trips, we recommend you to book a higher- class taxi car on our website.

Toyota Prius Taxi is the standard, cheapest taxi service in Tbilisi. It is used daily by the Tbilisi residents and guests of the capital. You may ask if there are so many Toyota Prius taxi cars in Tbilisi why do we need to pre-book a taxi on our website? Since everyone can book a taxi at every step of the foot. Well, we’re glad you’re asking. Here is a thing. Yes, Georgian taxis are everywhere but that does not guarantee comfort and safety. Taxi regulation laws are a new thing in Tbilisi. Therefore, it still needs major developing to meet the need of European standards. So, by choosing the service you choose:

1. Price

The prices of a taxi in Tbilisi are unregulated because taximeter is a not mandatory thing in Tbilisi. The taxi drivers often take advantage of the unsuspecting guests of the city and overcharge them. It often causes an embarrassment and becomes the source of conflict. With Taxi Tbilisi you know exactly what the ride will cost you. The prices on our website are fixed and does not change with the drivers’ request.

2. Technically equipped and safe cars

Of course, the technical inspection is mandatory in Tbilisi. But applying a technical inspection for usual cars on taxi cars is not enough, moreover, it’s unsafe. Because taxi cars are being used more frequently, the technical inspection in Tbilisi needs to be changed and adapted to the needs of taxi cars. But unfortunately, it’s not a thing in Tbilisi. That’s why we do not recommend using untested cars services. Taxi Tbilisi fully complies with the passengers’ transportation regulation in Georgia. We also are trying to meet the need of European standards. Taxi Tbilisi cars have gone through technical inspection. Moreover, we regularly check all our cars in the partner service centers.

3. Professional drivers

So far, everyone can become a taxi driver in Georgia. There is no standards and regulations for taxi drivers. Moreover, there is no theoretical and car driving test for taxi drivers. There is no restriction on management time. We are far more serious about this issue and we carefully select our drivers. We select our drivers by Driving Quality, City Knowledge and Customer Relationship Quality. In addition, the pre-booking process is a guarantee that the driver will come prepared and well- rested. Which we can agree is the main recipe for a pleasant trip. We promise our professional drivers will pick you up in time and get you to your desired location safely.